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Celebrity Young and Beautiful Women in the World

HGW 5202 - Celebrity world, especially women talked about, especially for those who are still young and beautiful. This time it will be reviewed briefly about celebrity women of hollywood, probably most of the readers have to guess who they are occupying these positions. In addition to beautiful, they have a remarkable achievement in the world of international entertainment, not infrequently their beautiful faces graced television, movies and international news. Celebrity Young and Beautiful Women in the World.
Celebrity Young and Beautiful Women in the World
Celebrity Young and Beautiful Women in the World
Not you curious? Right away, let's see who Celebrity Young and Beautiful Women in the World:

Kristen Stewart
Who is not familiar with one of the main players the film "The Twilight"? He came from the United Amerikas, full name Christian Jaymes Stewart. His name is increasingly popular today starring in the film until the last series "The Twilight Saga". His role as a human figure who had a love triangle with two men from different and hostile world can be a positive response from the audience throughout the world.

Taylor Swift
Singer-songwriter pop country's flow comes from America. The owner's name Taylor Alison Swift managed to become one of the role model for young people all over the world. In addition to beautiful and have an ideal body, he is also one of the talented celebrity.

Lily Collins
Celebrity United States this one named Lily Jane Collins. He began his career in the film world in 2002 and became famous when he became one of the main stars in the film Mirror Mirror.

Miley Cyrus
Destiny Hope Cyrus came from the United States. He is a multi-talented artist as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Destiny Hope Cyrus is kelahiranya city, precisely on November 23, 1992. His name became known to the world by calling Miley Cyrus.

Dakota Fanning
Celebrity pretty young and this one includes genius in acting. He was born in Conyers, Georgia, USA in 1994, exactly on 23 February. Excellence in acting in several movies, managed to toss his name in Hollywood circles.

Emma Watson
Celebrity who started his career in the field of this model named Emma Watson. One player Harry Potter film series British. In addition to the young and beautiful, she also has a very extraordinary skills in acting, so managed to become one of the talented young Hollywood celebrity.

Selena Gomez
Starring series "Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place" which successfully catapulted his name is Selena Marie Gomez's full name. Before being cast in the film world, Selena Gomez is a singer and songwriter from the United States.

Emma Roberts

 Emma Rose Roberts was born in 1991 on February 10. Celebrity precisely on this one, other than as an actress and singer is a songwriter. He began to talk among Hollywood because it is still young and beautiful.

Evanna Lynch
Beautiful model who was born in Termonfeckin in August 1991, exactly on the 16th, the Republic of Ireland is a model and actress who became famous because becoming one of the Harry Potter movie player. The owner's full name Evanna Lynch became one of the talented young artist, he became one of the stars in the game "Video Tie-ins".

Victoria Justice
Victoria Dawn Justice was born on 19 february 1993 in florida, USA. Since the age of 10 years her face has graced the television in a series of films. He is a talented young celebrity, this multi-talented artist can write a song and dance as well as sing.

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