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The Uniqueness of the History of Singapore

HGW 5202 - Some Uniquely Singapore that Makes You come to Visit Again. Singapore is located at Southeast Asia. Singapore is located between Indonesia and Malaysia comparatively very small between it two neighbors. Despite small in population and area Singapore relatively known as country that have high income. Singapore population is very variety of ethnicities include Chinese, Malay and Indian.
Singapore has been known as a center for a wide range of products around the world. There is a quoted that says "There product is not regard as quality if it has not yet entered Singapore". This is what makes Singapore a very attractive place to shop.
The Uniqueness of the History of Singapore (picture)

The uniqueness of the History of Singapore
Singapore gained independence from Malaysia after being together with Malaysia formed Union. Singapore's past history was recorded as one of the important areas for the royal Malay Kingdoms before the Kingdom move to Melaka.

It was said that at one time, Maharaja Prameswara met with a sleeping Lion while resting on the small island (Singapore). But when the Lion approached it even ran away that what make origins name of the word Singapore. Lion = Singa, Pretend = Pura.

There is also another version, that says at the time of Maharaja Prameswara was looking for a suitable place to serve the capital of the kingdom. The King encounter large building in the form of "Pura = Temple", on the temple also standing Lion statues. Then from a combination of two words that later became the name of Singapore. Namely Singa = Lion and Pura = Temple, or the Lion Temple.

I wonder which version is actually a reference to the name of Singapore's up to day. Clear during the reign of the Johor-Riau, Singapore was known as Temasek. In a further development, Singapore is located in the territory of Johor-Riau Kingdon until finally purchased by TS Raffles. In era of Raffles, Singapore began as the foundation initially as regional distribution centers across the continent.

Singapore uniqueness Language
Singapore community living in the present era, is a unique community and consist of various tribes. Singapore national language is English, but in fact they have a distinct British accent. Language of Singapore is finally known as Singlish abbreviation of Singaporean English. The uniqueness of this Singlish accent has become the main attraction for the tourists who visit the Singapore.

Singlish used by different ethnic communities. There are also some Chinese, Indian or Malay who use their Singlish to communicate. However, Singlish is using by people who come from different native language.
For those of you who are planning to shop in Singapore do not forget to follow the style of Singapore language society, because usually by mimicking the native accent an area we will get a slightly cheaper price.

"How’s much for this?" Is change to "how much for this one ha?"
Then let them answer "20 Dollars" ex.

The Uniqueness of the History of Singapore
Replied again with intonation Singlish style, just acting like you are Chinese people who just learn speak English "Haiya .... Too expensive ar, make it less little bit lah" or "Haiya could you make it less ar? "
If it’s true by following local dialect will make the prices little cheap, coupled with a bit of luck then you will definitely get a little discount that expected.

Singlish is usually synonymous with the word "Lah" behind the sentence as a flavoring language. For example, "This one is pretty expensive lah" or "that's very beautiful girl lah". Interestingly despite having Singlish as a unifying language, but Singapore still use Malay as their national anthem. Singapore national anthem is "Majulah Singapura". Here are the lyrics of the song "onward Singapore".

Singapore National Anthem Lyrics
Mari Kita Rakyat Singapura Sama-sama menuju bahagia
Cita-Cita kita yang mulia
Majulah Singapura
Marilah kita bersatu dengan semangat yang baru
Semua kita berseru Majulah Singapura

Singapore Foods
Singapore also has a unique food. Singapore food in general is a blend of India and Chinese food culture. Try a taste of some culinary Singapore among Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng or Martabak along Teh Tarek as the drink. Of course you will feel the sensation of extraordinary blend of seasonings. And make you yearn to return to Singapore. (Zulfahri)

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