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Forex is Stand for Foreign Exchange

HGW 5202 - Forex is stand for foreign exchange is a market that traded currency. Every currency has it own point that move every day by the market movement. Forex is one of the largest market on the world. There’s so much theory about currency movement by the economic but in foreign exchange every information or issues about the world is very influence.
Forex is Stand for Foreign Exchange
Forex is Stand for Foreign Exchange
The most important think that trader should always remember is, forex market never move by the news, but the market move because of the hope. In other words we can say that currency movement is depend on investor “hope”. Every speculation in currency is depending on the latest news from every aspect that connected to economic.

Nowadays, we have a lot of choice “forex broker” to start forex trading. Years ago when internet system is not widely spread, people used to play forex by manual system. Buy another currency, and waiting until it reach profit point for the buyer. But today, we have better system in forex, where we can open selling and buy position depend on how many point/lot that we have, and today we also able to trade for many currency al over the world.

Forex is Stand for Foreign Exchange

Forex market move 24 hours a day, at Monday to Friday and it’s stop at Saturday into Sunday. Common currency that famous on forex is Dollar (US), Euro (Europe), Pound sterling (UK) and Yen (Japan). This four currency move fast but stabile. Most of trader will “play” this four currency converting to any other currency.

If you play forex, there’s a lot of chance to multiply the capital, despite it’s high risk nowadays Forex has become a new attractive market in the world. Invest money in forex carefully will make you take a lot of profit in short period other than any business. There are many forex analysis that you can use to start trading.
Market movement in micro system lately has make big impact to the world. Currency level will always move and very impossible to stop the differentiation between one currency and another. This movement much faster than any other price in the world. For forex trader we will hear the statement such this “forex for a living”.

The market fluctuation and the market  movement is very big attempt for the people who believe in luck. The best way to avoiding great lose in by understanding economy. What make economic movement? How the political issues could impacting the investor interest . for the beginner (Currency speculators) is very hard to understanding that movement, but by serious learn there is no impossible way to get the profit. Something that we should know is.

Forex is Stand for Foreign Exchange

Forex is very important element today, or even crucial because currency movement will effecting economic of the country. Every country will try to make their currency in comfort level, so they can make invest in many area as what they plan but if there are some waving movement on forex, will make the cause of economic problem for the country.

For the beginner, don’t forget to open position carefully. Don’t follow the desire, make best calculation and analyze all data that apply. Enjoy trading forex by the economic and politic news, and make hope for the better position of currency. Sometimes forex is a gambling, but there are many times, when forex is a analyze. (Zulfahri A.)

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