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How to Get The Girl You Want

HGW 5202 - As human being we cannot stand as individuals we need friend and couple,  a lot of us has try very hard to get the couple but fail. Why it happen? Why can the girl respect our effort to get to know her? If you look at some article about “how to attract the girl” you will find the word “confidence” or “be yourself”, you know what? “confidence” and “be yourself” is very hard to practice especially for the boy who in the characteristic seek phase.
How to Get The Girl You Want
How to Get The Girl You Want (pic:
To be confidence? Is not that easy because our heart will beating more fast when close to the girl that we dream and more embarrassed when cold sweat flow into whole body. “be yourself”, to find comfortable character is not easy, it will take much time. You should do something to build your own character, so you can blended with the girl around you.

How to Get The Girl You Want

An old man who have experience in attract the girl once say to me “You should have character, you should have something so the girl will look at you, stop look at the girl and dreaming,  build your own character so you will look more attractive.” In my heart I said “hey you old man, it’s easy for you to say, we life in the different period, sorry!”. Then, I get long debate with that old man, it stop when I got the conclusion, “Thank’s you old man, it mean something for me”.

How to Get The Girl You Want

So, in this occasion I will write about 2 point, main point, why the reason girl look at you.  It tell about facts and I also give the solution:
  1. Handsome -  Don’t be na├»ve, of course you need to be handsome if you want the girl look at you, you must look handsome for them. Girl as the same as the boy who can’t stop staring at beautiful girl but if you realize you are not that handsome, notice to generous with smile, so you will look more friendly and open. Of course the handsome face, will always look so handsome even if  without smile, owh forget that, that a gift for the handsome, bless them. The good news is, handsome without smile, is not the good collaboration, so take to take this chance, while handsome boy stingy to give smile, why don’t you more generous with smile? And one more thing, try to look clean if you cannot look that handsome, even your handsome level below 7(for 10 scale), trust me with a fresh look and smile you will look so cool for the girl.
  2. Character - Become the popular boy is amazing, you don’t need to get to know the girl because girl already know you, you become trending topic for every girl. You can be popular boy if you have achievement in sport, art or in study, etc. Girl will showing respect to you, so you will easily to get close to the girl you wish, but the problem here is not easy to become a popular boy, you don’t have talent in sport or art, more misery in study, you are difficult to understand every single subject, so how? Well, you can try to be diligent while it’s very hard to become a clever. When you don’t have idea you can become “hard worker”, you can show that you are “man with action”, with less speak but you can make big progress. You can start join some program (in school or campus), you can be the guy who always want to make new charity activity while other boy are busy in the sport field, music studio or library, you can show that you are care about environment surround you. So that, you will directly build your own figure in girl eyes, if you really that hard worker, you will have a lot of girl participant and you will have your own character. It’s good for you for the future.

Noted How to Get The Girl You Want:

-Every body have their own taste. I mean, even handsome is not the universal think, because handsome is different at different eyes.
-Some girl are like the boy who look mysterious or even danger, so you should find information about the girl that you dream, whether she like mysterious boy or she like the friendly boy.

Remember this “there are no eternal wish”, sometime the girl who love the sportsman will change suddenly to love the ordinary person, because of no reason. So keep dreaming and keep try. (Zulfahri A.)

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